November 2, 2017


Katherine likes to work with her hands and experiment with wood, pottery, water colors, painted furniture and lots of other things that strike her fancy.  Bird houses … not for birds … became a favorite.  They are decorative and each has a repurposed book for its roof.  The houses are decorated to reflect the contents of the book, as she sees it.

De-constructing interesting items such as cameras and fishing reels, then mounting them in shadow boxes, has sparked her interest. She has learned these things are a lot more complex than they look.

After meeting a wonderful woman who created jewelry with beads of all shapes and sizes, Katherine tried her hand at that and is turning out some fabulous pieces.  No two are alike, nothing complicated, just fun.

Come join us for a night of art, and time with neighbors and friends, for a lovely evening.  Friday, November 3 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.

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