November 2, 2017


Made New 517 Company, opened its doors to provide to our community a natural healing method for everyday physical and emotional hindrances, and is getting rave reviews from it’s clients.  Take a look at a couple of our testimonials.

“I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago.  My physician has prescribed all of the medications that are available for the diagnosis but I was unable to take any of them due to having adverse effects from them.  I’ve tried physical therapy, acupuncture, a chiropractor, Botox injections, and other alternative treatments. 

Nothing has helped as much as the Infrared Red Light Therapy.  I feel so much better since starting and am hopeful that I will continue to improve.  Even my skin feels smoother!  I love the Christian based philosophy, and the atmosphere is peaceful and calming.  Meghan, Jamie, and Lisa are all very knowledgeable, informative, and wonderful.   I am so glad I found Made New!”  -Robin O.

“I have had severe sciatica nerve pain for a long time.  I tried a couple of physical therapy treatments, which did not work for me.  A friend mentioned Made New 51 Company with Red Light Therapy that had opened in Glade.  I went for my first treatment on a Saturday and on Sunday I could tell my pain was less.  I am still going for RLT and so pleased the excruciating pain is gone.  I am proof.  It worked for me and would highly recommend it.  Thanks Jamie, Meghan and Lisa.”  – Price H.

In addition to the Red Light Therapy, Made New 517 Company offers a wide range of therapeutic grade essential oils, custom blended for individual needs.  Following are a few blends:

     • Peaceful Blend – a calming blend for life’s stressful moments.

     • Tummy Troubles – a blend to assist with stomach and digestion issues.

     • Relieve Me – a blend to assist with pain issues for an achy body.

     • Sleepy Time – a blend to relax the mind and body and promotes healthy sleep patterns.

     • Sinus Solace – a blend to open air ways and combat seasonal irritants.

These essential oil blends are safe for children, adults and those with sensitive skin.  Therapeutic oils offer a wide range of health and wellness benefits and most can be used topically, internally as well as aromatically.

Come in and allow us to custom blend a product just for you.

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