No matter your preferences, Glade Spring has a lot to offer! Families enjoy its schools, its library located in the Town Square, and recreational opportunities, including the nearby Salt Trail, ball fields, and community swimming pool. Retirees enjoy access to good health care, accessible stores, the Town Square Center for the Arts, an active senior citizens center, and the cultural and entertainment options of nearby Emory & Henry College, and an active senior citizen center.

Lots To Do

Located in the beautiful highlands of Southwest Virginia, Glade Spring is surrounded by some of the most landscapes and some of the most enticing outdoor recreational opportunities in the country. Visitors to the area enjoy hiking, biking, rock climbing, cave adventure, canoeing, swimming, boating and more.

Outdoor Recreation
The Salt Trail

Glade Spring’s Salt Trail, which extends from town northward into the countryside, is the town’s introduction to this outdoor wonderland. Hikers and bikers will frequently begin or end their time on the Trail with visits to the Town Square, where they may explore the Made in Glade atmosphere of its shops and restaurants. 

Map of Trail
Dunn Field

Within the town, residents, and visitors also enjoy Dunn Field, the location for baseball, softball, tennis and other sports and community sporting events and activities. Also located in Glade Spring is a community swimming pool that is popular among young people and families.